Spring-Summer 2009




Orchid photo (left) by
Carol Freeman.

Prairie burn photo by
John Barrett.

Pine cone bud photo by
Mary Ramsden.

Wanting Rain

Fredrick Zydek

You can feel it as you walk past the garden.
Even the lawn knows it’s way past time.
Funny how horseradish, squash and rhubarb
leaves wilt like offended maidens in the heat
of a day without rain. I noticed that even
our apple and cherry trees droop if no rain
reaches them for weeks at a time. Soon I will

turn on all the sprinklers. I will water the lawn
and the trees, the garden and flowers. I will
even pull the hoses out into the woods so that
ferns, cedars, pines and cottonwoods can take
a long drink.  I’ll pull water up from our well
all weekend. I’ll water the grassy drive leading
to the house, the picnic area down by the barn,

the stand of mulberry trees out where the corn
rows begin. Then I’ll drive to the center of our
fields and turn on the irrigation system, watch
while its huge metal arm begins its circular
journey over the sorghum and out to the corn
where hundreds of birds clean up and wait for
their supper of worms and grubs to surface.